Dengensha’s NDZ series standard AC/MFDC welders come with easy data management capability through your PC, environmentally friendly and highly durable body structure, secondary feedback for precise current control, and many other features.

AC Welder

  • Intuitive hand-held program box
  • Simple setting of weld schedules
  • Counter function
  • High-speed weld current feedback from high-speed CPU
  • Enhanced control function
  • Linear encoder option allows nut detection
  • Lower arm adjustable option

MFDC Welder

  • All the AC features above
  • Stable current for stable weld quality
  • Less current required compared to AC for the same result
  • Reduced magnetization effect
  • Reduced current loss

AC Inverter Welder

  • All the AC features above except lower arm option
  • Lower peak current alleviates expulsions
  • High thermal efficiency and stable/clean weld finish
  • Longer electrode life
  • Convertible from single-phase AC welder
  • Suitable for galvanized steel


AC Welder35, 50, 70, 100kVA17 – 33,000A6 & 10kN
AC Welder with Adjustable Lower Arm70, 100kVA22 – 25,000A6 & 10kN
MFDC Welder35, 50, 70kVA17 – 25,000A6 & 10kN
MFDC Welder with Adjustable Lower Arm75, 100, 150kVA28 – 42,000A6 & 10kN
AC Inverter Welder35, 50, 70kVA17 – 25,000A6 & 10kN

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