With Dengensha’s upper electrode weld nut feeding, you can reduce weld cycle times and achieve faster feed rates. A patented new linkage design with fewer moving parts provides performance that is more reliable.

  • Reduced weld cycle times
    • Only one feed action required to deliver and place the nut
    • Workpiece movement and nut feeding are simultaneous
    • Faster feed rates
  • Accurate and secure nut positioning
  • Reduced part positioning
  • Deep draw and channel nut welding
  • No additional energy (air/power) required
  • Application flexibility with slim design
  • Simple electrode design with a permanent magnet
  • Simple universal electrode holder design
  • For 6, 8, and 10-mm square nuts


Selection Capability 30/min
Feeding Stroke 200mm
Application Nuts Square
(inner/outer projections)
Nut Size M6 – M10
Feed Type Single

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