Using the latest technology, we design and build to your specific production weld nut, guaranteeing accurate selection and feed to the weld electrode, every time, without fail. From the custom-designed bowl to the gravity or magnetic feed unit, Dengensha automatic vibratory nut feeders meet your production rates with the most repeatable system available.

Standard Features:

  • Vibratory bowl 300mm
  • Keyance PLC microprocessor transistor output
  • Programmable screen controls PLC without a laptop
  • Dual key locked control panel prevents unauthorized access
  • Manual controls on outside of control panel
  • 3 meter flexible vinyl tube
  • 200mm stroke magnetic feed unit delivers nuts accurately to your electrode
  • Universal mounting bracket mounts feed unit at almost any angle
  • 7-liter bulk hopper with limit switch
  • Vinyl dust cover prevents contamination from spatter
  • High feed rates up to 50 nuts/minute
  • Nut separator ensures nuts to be blown one at a time


Selection Capability 30/min
Feeding Stroke 200/300/400
Feed Angle 30 – 60ยบ
Application Nuts Square, Hex, Round, T
Nut Size M5 – M12
Feed Type Single, Double

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    More Information

    The Vibratory Nut Feeder is capable of sorting and feeding up to 60 nuts per minute. When activated the precision-made vibratory bowl begins its motion and separates and aligns the nuts. Any upside down or misaligned nut is simply propped back into the bowl and the process continues. When the nuts are perfectly aligned, they move to the next step, the shoot track. When the shoot track is fully loaded the vibratory bowl automatically shuts off then each perfectly aligned nut is separated and a blast of air shoots the nut through a vinyl tube, made to the exact specifications of the nut you have been feeding, in order to keep them in continuous alignment. The nuts are then oriented by a nut stopper and fed to the location pin mechanically magnetised spindle. This unique feature allows for consistent delivery of nuts to the location pin. If you’re interested in seeing the Vibratory Nut Feeder in action watch the video.

    Our Vibratory Nut Feeders are commonly supplied together with our Vibratory Bolt Feeders and Resistance Welding Machines