Dengensha’s rotary type nut feeders provide quieter operation, compared to the traditional vibratory type. The newest magnetic rotary feeder “Compact Feeder” has the smallest footprint among Dengensha’s feeders.

General Features for Rotary Type:

  • Keyance PLC micro-processor transistor output
  • Programmable screen controls PLC without a laptop
  • Dual key locked control panel prevents unauthorized access
  • Manual controls on outside of control panel
  • 3 meter flexible vinyl tube
  • 200mm stroke magnetic feed unit delivers nuts accurately to your electrode
  • Universal mounting bracket to mount feed unit at almost any angle
  • 7-liter bulk hopper with limit switch
  • Vinyl dust cover to prevent contamination from spatter
  • High feed rates up to 50 nuts/minute
  • Nut separator ensures nuts to be blown one at a time

Magnetic Rotary Feeder “Compact Feeder”
Launch Date 2020:

  • Simple – Magnetic nut lifting mechanism with a sorting blade and a wiper
  • Quiet – 16db quieter than the vibratory type and 8db than the non-magnet rotary type
  • Small – Footprint smaller than an 11×17 paper
  • Light – 50% lighter than the vibratory type
  • Easy Maintenance – Cassette and chute track removed individually
  • Applicable to square, round, and hex nuts, as well as t-nuts/hex nuts with round flange


Selection Capability 30/min
Feeding Stroke 200
Application Nuts Square, Hex, Round, T
Nut Size M5 – M12
Feed Type Single
Dimension W11″ x D16″ x H41″
Mass 40kg/88lbs

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