Dengensha’s servo spot S-type C-gun is lightweight and compact and substantially reduces the squeeze time.

Force up to 6kN and short circuit current up to 15,000A.

  • Linear motion
  • Small and lightweight 84 – 130kg
  • Integrated shielding prevents contamination from water and spatter
  • Commonized parts to reduce spare parts


Max. Short Circuit Current15,000A
Equivalent Continuous Current4,110A
Max. Force4 – 6kN
Throat Depth70 – 400mm
Duty Cycle10%
Mass84 – 130kg

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What are the features of the Linear Motion S-type C-gun?

The Linear Motion S-Type C-gun features Low impact, No exhaust air noise, Reduced index and squeeze times, High rigidity drive unit, and a slim and compact design. Furthermore, the servo drive reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to compressed air, the integrated shield prevents spatter and water contamination, Long throat depths are available (See technical data) and it has a fixed lower electrode with compensation by robot calibration cycle. To see the Linear Motion S-Type C-Gun in action watch the video.