High force medium and large X3 types in the lightweight X-gun series. The large type comes with 800mm throat depth.

Force up to 5 or 7kN and short circuit current up to 18,000A.

  • Medium and large X3 types
  • Up to 7kN force with the newly developed high thrust drive unit
  • Throat depth up to 800mm
  • Compact drive unit developed by Dengensha
  • 5000 RPM high speed servo motor
  • Motor turning kit for lightweight gun


Max. Short Circuit Current18,000A18,000A
Equivalent Continuous Current5,728A5,728A
Max. Force5 – 7kN3.5 – 5kN
Throat Depth250 – 500mm500 – 800mm
Duty Cycle13%13%
Mass66 – 77kg82 – 90kg

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