The industrial world is constantly influenced by the needs and demands of times. This has a direct effect on welding equipment and diversifying requirements. Customers' demands must be accompanied by the ability to offer high quality, low cost, resource conservation and, of course, safety.

To meet these needs, Dengensha has, since its founding, introduced many revolutionary products that have earned the company an excellent reputation as a specified maker of welding equipment.

The foundation of Dengensha’s enviable reputation is a continuing desire and ability to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Research & Development

Superior products cannot be produced solely through high technology. Engineering accomplishments are achieved by people with the appropriate education, experience & creativity.

We at Dengensha are striving to become a global company in the welding industry with our team of highly qualified individuals throughout the world. We are capable of meeting the marketing and production demands from major regions around the globe. The sales division determines users’ needs. The engineering division designs high performance equipment to fill those needs. Then, the production division gives form and substance to the technology. These divisions, along with the administrative division, work together to sustain and enhance the image of quality established by Dengensha.

Our technologies are being used today in such fields as automobiles, steel making, home electric appliances and communications equipment. Dengensha’s technology has created improved welding machines which are renowned for their superior performance and lower operating cost.

Developed with the users’ needs in mind, the many types of Dengensha’s welding equipment meets a wide range of user applications. Customers in many countries vouch for the uniform quality, low cost, safety and materials savings assured when using our welding equipment.