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Vibratory Bolt Feeder

Dengensha’s traditional standard vibratory bolt feeders provide reliable and durable nut feeding process.

  • Vibratory bowl 300mm, vinyl coated
  • Keyance PLC microprocessor transistor output
  • Programmable screen controls PLC without a laptop
  • Dual key locked control panel prevents unauthorized access
  • Manual controls on outside of control panel
  • 3 meter flexible vinyl tube
  • Spring-loaded chuck jaw feed unit 200mm stroke
  • Concave guide pin Locates and ejects bolts concentrically
  • Universal mounting bracket mounts feed unit at almost any angle
  • 7-liter bulk hopper with limit switch
  • Vinyl dust cover prevents contamination from spatter
  • Complete pneumatic system with regulator and filter
  • High feed rates up to 30 bolts/minute
  • Bolt separator remote feed unit to blow one bolt at a time


Selection Capability30/min
Feeding Stroke200/300mm
Head Diameter9 – 20mm
Thread DiameterM5 – M10
Body Length11 – 32mm
Feed TypeSingle, Double

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