Dengensha Europe is the European Sales and Service subsidiary of Dengensha Manufacturing Co Ltd in Japan, and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Automatic Nut and Bolt Feeders and Resistance Welding products worldwide.

Dengensha was formed in 1935 with its head office and main plant in Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa-ken in Japan.

1935 - Establishment of Dengensha Mfg. Co. Ltd.
1940 - Opening of Nakano plant. Manchuria Dengensha established in Hoten
1945 - Head office and plant demolished during two air raids. At the end of the war, the head office was moved to the Nakano plant and production restarted
1952 - Sole agency contract signed with Marubeni Corp
1961 - Head office and plants moved from the Nakano plant to Noborito, Kawasaki
1967 - Aichi plant opened
1978 - Gun assembly plant newly established
1979 - Transformer assembly plant modernisation line completed
1984 - Timer assembly plant modernisation line completed
1985 - Dengensha America Corp. established in Bedford, Ohio, USA
1988 - Toyama plant opened
1989 - Dengen Service Co. Ltd. established
1996 - Dengensha Europe established in Shenstone, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
1996 - Establishment of Servo Spot gun production system
1998 - Obtain ISO9001 certification
2001 - Establishment of Dengensha Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2005 – The 70th Anniversary of the foundation and opening of memorial showroom in Japan.

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