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A list of Frequently Asked Questions about our products and services are displayed below but please do not hesitate to contact us here for further information.

Feeder and Feeder-Related faq’s

Why do I need to supply 300 samples?

Dengensha feeders are custom-made to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and repeatability. To do that, 300 production samples are required by the manufacturing facility to be used in the design, build, and testing of a feeder. When building a vibratory bowl, weight in the bowl is one of the main factors in determining how the fastener reacts to the selection process. Using the actual production samples during the fabrication process allows each element in the selection and delivery system to be tuned to the very same fastener that will be used in the customer’s production process. In this way, the customer will receive a feeder that works in the most efficient manner possible, from the first day of production to the last.

This is also the reason Dengensha does not begin the manufacturing process
until the actual production samples are received at the manufacturing facility.
Once received, several of the samples are measured to determine the tolerancing necessary to repeatedly select and properly contain the fastener during every step of the process over thousands of cycles.

With simple routine maintenance using original Dengensha replacement parts, you can expect years of trouble-free operation.

Does Dengensha rebuild feeders?

Yes, we can not only refurbish an older model, but also retool your feeder to feed a different fastener than the original.

Do you stock spare parts for your feeders?

Yes, we have stock on thousands of items at our warehouse in the UK. We not only stock spare parts for our feeders, but also have stock consumables for welding applications, spare parts for welders, weld controls, and weld guns. We stock transformers, complete feeders for Japanese-style square 6 and 8 mm nuts. And don’t forget, we also stock 50, 70, and 100 kVA pedestal welders.

What kind of accuracy can I expect from my Dengensha feeder?

Because we custom-make your feeder with production sample fasteners, our
feeders offer the best reliability in the business. With one or two exceptions for very special fasteners, you can expect a 99.9% repeatability from your Dengensha feeder.

Besides nuts, what else can be fed?

We currently have hundreds of machines operating feeding bolts, spacers, and other special parts that can be selected using a rotary or vibratory bowl, and directed to the weld point through a vinyl tube. Send your dimensioned drawing or a few samples and we can usually quote you on the same day.

What is the feeding rate for your feeders

The feed rate varies depending on the type and size of fastener being fed. A
standard 6mm nut feeder had a feeding rate of nearly 40 nuts per minute, while a larger fastener such as a 12mm hex nut can reach feeding rates of 25 nuts per minute.

What is the largest nut that can be fed?

Our standard line of feeders ends with a 37mm OD. However, send us your
samples and a dimensioned drawing and we will explore a special design to feed your fastener, bolt, or speciality part.

Can an obselete feeder be used?

Of course. Call us with the serial number of your old Dengensha feeder and send a sample to us of the new fastener you want to feed, and we will quote a total refurbish of the existing fastener or have it retooled and feed a different fastener.

Welder and Welder-Related faq’s

Do you have weld guns?

Yes, we have a full line of Servo and pneumatic weld guns to meet your needs. Please visit the weld guns page to see more information and options.

Can you weld high strength steel?

Yes, Dengensha welders can weld high strength steel, given the entry of a proper weld schedule. Please see Dengensha’s full line of welders by going to the welders page.

Do you have stock welders?

Yes, Dengensha carries 70 and 100 kVA pedestal welders in stock. Please visit the Dengensha welders page for more information.

What types of Weld Scopes do you offer?

Currently, we offer the WS-80, which is a table-top Weld Scope that measures weld current, weld cycle time, and peak current.

Service and Support faq’s

Does Dengensha offer onsite service?

Yes, we not only offer onsite service, equipment evaluation, and training, but you can also have your products serviced at one of our domestic service centres. Contact us for the complete line of special services.

Do you offer training? If so, what kind?

Yes, we offer basic resistance welding training classes with our welder maintenance class. We also offer feeder installation and maintenance classes which include PLC training as applied to our feeders.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your products?

We offer a (1) year warranty on all our equipment that begins on the date of

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