Tooling For Nut Welding

Advantages of the Dengensha system

The Dolphin Nose shape of the Nut Guide Pin ensures that the Weld Nut is always located centrally on the Guide pin, thus eliminating the possibility of "Eye Lidding".

Dengensha use a simple Air Pressure system to hold the Guide Pin in the Up position. Other systems use mechanical springs which are unreliable, prone to breaking and causing sticking of the Guide Pin and preventing correct positioning and welding of the weld nuts.

Also, other insulation parts are required to prevent electrical conductivity between the Guide Pin, Spring and copper Electrode Holder.

With the Dengensha system, when the Weld Nut and Guide Pin are pushed down by the Upper Electrode, air passes around the Guide Pin, blowing away any weld spatter and helping to stop the Guide Pin from sticking, assisting cooling of the tooling and minimising wear of the Electrode Cap.


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