Robot Integrated Weld Control

A weld control timer controlling the welding current and weld time integrated into the robot controller. All weld conditions including electrode force can be set up and monitored using the robot’s teaching pendant

  • Easy operation and maintenance, since set-up and monitoring can be controlled with the teaching pendant
  • Weld timer and robot controller are directly connected through a serial bus
  • Fast communication of signal reduces cycle time
  • Easy set-up by inserting a timer board into bus slot of robot controller, because the wiring connection, which is easily influenced by noise, is not necessary


  • Weld parameters are programmed and edited from the Robot
  • Teach Pendant
  • Monitor results, weld fault information and history log are displayed on the Robot Pendant
  • Direct Dual Port RAM Communication between Weld Timer and Robot Controller
  • 1 x firing cable connects Weld Power Cabinet to Timer PCB in Robot Controller
  • Single phase AC or MFDC versions
  • Available for Fanuc, Nachi, Yaskawa and ABB robots


  • Cycle time reduction of 5-10% achieved by direct Dual Port RAM
  • Communication between Weld Timer and Robot Control
  • Integration of the Weld Timer PCB into the Robot Controller and elimination of separate Timer Programming facility reduces costs
  • Improved data entry and management as all functions and messages are accessed from the Robot Teach Pendant
  • Reduced installation cost and time
  • Power Cabinet can be stacked on Robot Control to save space 

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