Lightweight compact servo guns


  • Aluminium frame for rigidity and strength
  • Compact design and slim body
  • Fixed lower electrode with compensation by robot calibration cycle
  • Ultra lightweight 1200Hz MFDC transformer
  • Gun weight saving of 35-50% and gun volume saving of 40-50% compared to conventional servo guns of similar capacity


  • Lightweight for smaller capacity robot
  • Increased speed for shorter TAKT time
  • Compact design for improved robot handling and access to welding area
  • Electronic equalisation for reduced maintenance and wearing parts
  • 1200hz mfdc welding transformer for improved welding efficiency
kVA @ 50% Duty Cycle
             76              76
MFDC, 1000-1500HZ
           STD            STD
Continuous Secondary Current (I2P)
         4110A          4110A
Secondary Voltage (Uo)
          12.5V           12.5V
Max Weld Current
        20,000A         20,000A
Max Weld Force
          6.0KN          6.0KN
Throat Depth
       70-400mm       250-600mm
Gun Mass
        55-66kg         61-69kg

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