Automatic Vibratory Nut Feeder AFV-N

Dengensha Vibrating feeders are designed and built to feed all kinds of weld nuts, such as hexagon, circular, collared flange and T nuts.


  • High-feed rates
  • Purpose-designed separators for reliability
  • Flexible feeding methods make it easy to feed a nut to a distant point up to 10m from the separator consistently as the separated nut is fed by air through a vinyl tube to the feed unit.
  • Nut is held firmly at the end of the magnetised spindle and fed positively to a locator even if the feeding angle and/or speed changes.

Other features

  • Vibratory nut selection for all kinds of nuts
  • High feed and reliability rates >1 second
  • Single or dual (simultaneous) feeding
  • Special dual (left, right, both) option on independent models
  • Siemens controls (standard)
  • Easy to use in manual or robotic systems
  • Bulk hopper 7 litres
  • (M6 Square DIN = 8,000)
  • (M8 Square DIN = 4,000)
  • CE specification
  • Trained support network
  • Onboard programming
  • Program back-up and recover

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